The Covid 19 pandemic that hit the world had a major impact on almost all business sectors.

In which every country has to act fast by issuing regulations to protect their citizens. And of course the regulations always change according to the development of the situation. These rapid changes require high adaptability from all business sectors.

Eventually we all understand, one thing that certain is the change itself.

When the time comes to carry out the crew change, the ship owner should consider to appoint a ship agency company that has expertise, knowledge and capable to adapt with the rapid changes of regulation.

The following is one of the changes to the regulations regarding health protocol for the crews to sign off from a ship in Batam.

  1. It is required for all crew member of the vessel to have certificates of RT-PCR with negative result from last port.
  2.  Upon arrival, another RT-PCR test to be carried out for all crews on board.
  3. When the result of test is negative, crews to be quarantined for 5 x 24hrs on board or in designated hotel.
  4. On the 6th day of the quarantine period, one more RT-PCR test to be carried out. If only the result is negative, the crews can be repatriated to their home town or country.
  5. When there is a positive result, the crew whose test result is Covid-19 positive will be transferred to hospital. All the cost incurred will be borne by the ship owner or principal. The vessel and crews on board must undergo 7 x 24hrs quarantine and to be re-examined afterward.

In case the crew members of a vessel cannot provide RT-PCR test result from last port when the vessel arrive, crew can be signed off after fulfilling the following procedures:

  1. The ship has anchored or in Indonesia water for minimum 14 days since arrival from International water, or;
  2. RT-PCR to be carried out on the first and the second day after arrival.

These two procedures above can be given with following conditions:

  1. The crew’s health does not permit him to work on board.
  2. The crews have passed their contract period.
  3. The ships originating from offshore or highseas.
  4. The ships that change ownership.

We hope this information is useful for ship owners who wish to perform a crew change in Batam.