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At PT. Bisa Jasa Segara, we pride ourselves on being your trusted agency partner. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalized services that cater to your unique needs. With our in-depth knowledge of local operating conditions and strong relationships with key stakeholders, we ensure that your best interests are always protected. Our commitment to reliability and transparency means that you can trust us to provide the highest quality services and support every step of the way. Whether you need assistance with vessel operations, cargo handling, or other agency services, you can count on us to be your reliable partner

Port Agent

We do basic Inward/Outward CIQP clearance as a mandatory service sea port agent does, which covers all activities to comply local regulations from pre-arrival to post-departure of a vessel.

Cash To Master

Facilitate the procurement of cash advance for the needs of the ship. Which will be delivered to the ship masters throughout the batam area quickly, efficiently and securely.

Owner Protective Agent

Principals and nominators of any kind including, ship owners, charterers, operators (including pools), brokers, traders, shippers and receivers. – in any sector, i.e. dry bulk, tankers, container ships, RO/RO and cruise ships rely on Batam Shipping Agency to protect their interests during the port call.

Bunker Service

We are able to provide stable and efficient bunkering service of all types of marine fuel, according to the customer requests.

Crew Management Services

Batam Shipping Agency provides comprehensive crew management services, ensuring that the crew's needs are met efficiently. This includes: Arranging for crew changes, including travel arrangements and visas. Providing medical assistance and healthcare services. Managing crew accommodation and transportation. Ensuring compliance with local and international regulations regarding crew welfare.

Crew Change

Meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore pass arrangements, Special Immigration Facility Permit for foreign crew to stay and work onboard the vessel during in Indonesian water, etc.

Husbandry Services

Batam Shipping Agency also manages the logistics and supply chain needs of the vessel, ensuring timely delivery of essential supplies and services. Key responsibilities include: Procuring and delivering ship supplies such as provisions, spare parts, and fuel (bunkering). Coordinating repairs and maintenance services. Arranging for waste disposal and environmental compliance services. Handling the logistics of spare parts and equipment.

Husbandry Services

Husbandry services are critical for maintaining the operational efficiency of a vessel while in port. PT. Bisa Jasa Segara ensures that all logistical, maintenance, and welfare needs of the vessel and crew are met promptly, minimizing downtime and enabling the vessel to continue its voyage smoothly.

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Some of projects we accomplished. Which covers all activities to comply local regulations from pre-arrival to post-departure of a vessel.

Our Core Values

PT. BISA JASA SEGARA is defined by its readiness, reliability and trustworthiness that it has built and earned since inception.
Credibility is and remains as the most valuable asset

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Through our dedicated and professional staff at Batam Shipping Agency, we ensure your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and efficiently

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