Batam Shipping Agency is one of the most established Shipping Agencies in Batam Island. Supported by reliable and experienced teamwork, equipped with transportation and modern communication means, we are ready to serve you in correlation with shipping business.

It is believed that experience, capability and facility are nothing without excellent relationship. Involvement of good will between Ship owner, crews and legal managements are the three important things  that must be obtained in order to get smooth activities of a vessel. There our credibility stands as a bridge between all interests to achieve an effective and streamlined result.

Such credibility is our most expensive asset. And being in the middle of this tough competition, we are the one who are prepared to serve and to be trusted.


Our in-depth local knowledge of operating conditions, and strong relationships with all local and government and industry bodies ensures your best interests are maintained.

Great Service

From pre-arrival to post-departure, our personnel pay particular attention to accurate and speedy communication in handling overall activities control.


Through our dedicated and professional staff at Batam Shipping Agency, we ensure your vessels enter and exit a port quickly and efficiently


Batam Shipping Agency is uniquely experienced in all Indonesian Custom, Immigration, Port Authorities and other government regulations that affect ship, crews and cargoes.


Batam Shipping Agency is completely aware that every single vessel is unique and has different needs between one and another due to their purposes. And we are proud of our expertise in servicing all types of vessels. Providing  full range of basic CIQP services, and other special arrangements to fulfill those needs.

We do basic Inward/Outward C.I.Q.P clearance as a mandatory service an agent does, which covers all activities to comply local regulations from pre-arrival to post-departure of a vessel.  But we do not stop there, we also provide other services,  but not limited to,  Superior Vessel Agency attendance , Vessel and Crews husbandry services throughout Batam area, Loading and Discharging Supervision,  Dry Docking and Repair Supervision and many more.

And in regard to the application of the cabotage principle, in which not to authorize non-Indonesian nationality vessels to operate in Indonesian territory, we provide a special service to arrange change of nationality of a vessel into Indonesian nationality. This services including arrangement  to publish certificate of ownership, Nationality certificate and other Trading certificates, VAT Exemption during importing the vessel and Import permit itself in Kepulauan Riau area.

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